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Day 1 Readiness – Out Performance

We’ve upgraded industry practices throughout the deal lifecycle to directly drive TSR


Standard HR due diligence is seldom deep enough to find the traps or trapped value in an organisation.

It’s often focused on pricing confidence when it can be
about growth confidence too.

Dealside’s revolutionary management consulting process brings you rich insights real time.

Evaluation Support

Due Diligence

Decision Support

Day 1 Readiness

First 100 Days

It’s 2022. People matter.


How fast should you go?

Every deal has a different top speed.

The better you manage your integration, the closer you are to achieving the synergy goals.

Dealmakers who respect the integration process are routinely repaid with a TSR premium of 7-15 percent.



Leader Preparation


Industrial Relations

Organisation Design

Talent Selection & Retention

Performance & Reward


Energise, strengthen and focus.


Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

It’s 2022: time for laser-sharp focus on what works for growth.

Energising teams and creating value is what we do.

Let’s make hay in the holding period.


Portfolio Oversight & Management Support

People Strategy

New Market Entry Support

Customer Connection

Leadership Focus & Development

Culture & Performance Uplift

Operating Excellence

CEO Support

Imagine a stampede of support for your strategy.


Want to sell next year? Start preparing now.

Funds often wait too long to create and gain consensus
on a compelling equity story.

Discipline is at the heart of a great exit.



Exit Readiness Scan Support

Evaluation Support

Sale Story Support

Leader Preparation

Last Day Readiness

Transition Support

Choose your exit today.